3AD’s Touch and Pen Technology

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) leaders at 3AxisData have innovated a new generation of digital touch and pen technology to replace the current analog and mixed signal components.  3AD’s engineering advances in sigma-delta modulation deliver the industry’s first all-digital and truly scalable touch and pen ICs. Applying powerful digital filtering techniques, out-of-band noise is identified and rejected, enabling systems with unparalleled noise immunity.

The sigma-delta based touch IC leads the way for an industry transition to more intuitive human interfaces that can directly benefit from advanced digital sensing.

PCAP Touch

  • Concurrent transmit, receive, and sense
  • Multiple sensors can be supported with one IC
  • Hand shadow detection and palm rejection
  • Out of band noise cancellation with anti-aliasing
  • Highest SNR and immunity
  • Supports PCAP, force sensors, and hybrids

ES Pen

  • Industry’s highest accuracy
  • Novel electrostatic tip design
  • Internal Z pressure, tilt pressure , and barrel rotation
  • Dynamic eraser
  • Bluetooth UART supported

Sigma Delta Architectures

3AD is developing the next generation touch and ES pen ICs.

Large Format

Support for standard and custom configurations up to 105″.

Consumer Products

3AD enables thinner, lighter, and more efficient touch and pen solutions.

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