Profile of Dr. Gerald Morrison- VP of Integrated Solutions

Dr. Gerald Morrison has been conceptualizing and creating solutions in the touch industry for more than 20 years with SMART Technologies ULC, the world’s largest provider of large display interactive touch systems. As a Product Development Engineer, he substantially reduced the cost of the touch controller from $800 to $150 and then again to $60 resulting is significant improvements in margin. Recognizing the limitations of SMART’s analog touch technology, he pioneered a new class of touch technology based on computer vision and advance digital signal processing algorithms. He then directed a team of researchers and engineers to further develop and bring to market this novel technology that was branded as DViT™ and is used by millions of users today. As a Director of Research, he led a team of senior researchers and developers to investigate, create and deploy new technologies that either enhanced existing products or created new products. A few of the many notable outputs from that research team include Infinite Canvas for electronic white boarding, proximity detection for better usability of SMART’s interactive display products, and a new product category branded as kapp™. More recently he introduced Data Science at SMART where he led projects in IoT, Machine Learning and voice interaction using NLP. Throughout his extensive career, Dr. Morrison has held many roles in product development, product management, intellectual property planning and assessment, team leadership, strategic planning, business development, and taking early stage research through to commercialization. With a strong analytical temperament, he has a demonstrated ability to map emerging technologies to business outcomes. Dr. Morrison has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, a MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering and BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a double minor in mathematics and physics. He has published and presented at many academic and industrial conferences around the world and is a named inventor on more than 130 patents worldwide.

Gerald Morrison

IFP Technologist

Applications, Product Development, Research

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Redmond, WA
T (425) 502-1621

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